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At work we use a VPN that has some client software, and when connected, you have to use IP addresses to connect to each machine you want to ping/log in to/browse.

Until, that is, you do the following (on Windows XP):

In the “Network Connections” dialog, go to Tools >> Folder Options >> View (tab) and select “Show hidden files and folders” and click Ok.

You should see a new entry in your “LAN or High-Speed Internet” connections, called “Network Connect Adapter.” This is the virtual adapter created by the VPN client software.

Right click on this entry and go to Properties. Highlight the “Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)” entry and click the “Properties” button directly below.

Change your DNS settings from “Obtain DNS server address automatically” to “Use the following DNS server addresses” and enter the IP of the primary DNS server for the remote network you are connecting to.

Then, click the “Advanced..,” button, and under the “DNS” tab, where it says “Append these DNS suffixes (in order):” click “Add” and enter the domain suffix for the remote network. It is probably something like “” then click “Add” and move that entry to the top of the DNS suffix list. Click “Ok” on each options dialog, until no further dialogs are open.

That’s it! To verify it worked, open a command prompt and try to ping some of the names of machines on your network. They should resolve, and you can now use Explorer and Remote Desktop just as if you were at the office. Enjoy!

UPDATE: When you disconnect from, and reconnect to your VPN, you have to add the DNS suffix again, each time. If anyone knows a way around this it would be great to hear it!


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  1. I really liked your work

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