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Mount bind is your friend–or at least friendly.


A quick easy way to have a transparently backed up drive, using Dropbox and the command line.

create a mount point:
mkdir ~/Sites/my_awesome_website

put your files in a Dropbox folder:
$ mkdir ~/Dropbox/Sites/my_awesome_website
cat > ~/Dropbox/Sites/my_awesome_website/index.html [Enter]

my awesome website


Press CTRL+D. Now the magic.
sudo mount -o bind ~/Dropbox/Sites/my_awesome_website ~/Sites/my_awesome_website

You can edit files in ~/Sites/my_awesome_website and they will be automagically backed up in your Dropbox account. Fancy.

It would be possible to mount your entire local directory that way, or just things like documents and pictures. Other multimedia files would also work, but may require an upgrade to a paid Dropbox plan.


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