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The Power of Accountability


Today was one of those long lazy summer days that makes you feel like doing everything, nothing, and everything again, all at the same time. We watched some World Cup soccer, took the dogs for a couple of walks, got some ice cream, watched a movie, and I made a little bit of progress on a project that’s really been stressing me out.

So now that the day has wound down, here I sit, wanting nothing more than to relax until sleep comes looking for a place to hang out for the night. However, I made an agreement with some friends to keep each other accountable fo write a blog post a day for 30 days. And I’ve. Got. Nothing.

No desire to write about some heavily technical subject, no mental energy to introspect or retrospect. But, a deal’s a deal. I am not going to blow this off. Then it hits me; Seinfeld!

I’ve read this article a bunch of times, just re-read it this past week in fact. It was part of the reason I decided to sign on for this accountability thing in the first place. So, following the sage advice of a young Jerry Seinfeld, today I’m writing. Today I will not break the chain, and I have a newfound understanding of the power of accountability.

Also, how meta is this?!


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