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More Node.js awesome


A few great node.js projects have come across my radar lately; I’m excited and thankful to be able to share them with you here!

The first, and so far my favorite on the list is Hummingbird. I caught wind of this thanks to Scott Radcliff (@scottradcliff on twitter.)  It’s a real time web traffic visualization tool. Yes. Real time. As in, see how your users are interacting with your site AS THEY DO IT. Not five minutes behind, not, well, point made. Pretty incredible stuff if you ask me. So, don’t ask me. Ask yourself, after you watch the demo.

Next up is the Node.js Knockout. The knockout is a 48-hour coding contest, similar to Rails Rumble, but for projects written using the node.js framework. They’re giving away prizes in about 7 different categories, so it’s a nice chance to show of your awesome, and win some fame and fortune!

Last but not least is, a “cute programming exercise to put node.js to the test.”   I like this, because it’s different from any of the 3 most common “learn node.js” tutorials I have seen so far.  Specifically, a “hello world” web server, and a TCP echo server, both of which can be found on the main website for the node.js project. This is fun. It’s original. It’s complex enough to be useful, but stops short of being intimidating. I wish I had written it!

That’s all for now, but happy hacking, and don’t forget to share your favorite node.js tools, sites, or projects in the comments section!

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