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FAIL! Then, get over it.


As I sit in an airport terminal, with a million things on my mind, it occurs to me that yesterday I dropped the ball.  After 20 solid days of an attempt to blog daily for 30 consecutive days, I completely forgot about it.  Not just procrastinated until it was too late, but completely. forgot.

And I’m ok with it.  Because I realized that while blogging (or, doing X, Y, or Z daily) is a good thing, and it’s important to be consistent after making a commitment to something like that, yesterday demanded that I focus my attention on other things.  Like working on a talk I’m giving this weekend.  And helping my team at work with some serious last-minute crunch-time changes.

Yes, I made a commitment to myself, to Kyle, SaraSophia, Leslie, and Traci, and to you, for 30 days of #accountablogity – but, I made that commitment knowing that I have lots of other commitments and though it is really important to me, it’s ok to allow myself to adjust my priorities from time to time.

The important thing for me, is I’m not all bent out of shape about it.  I’m not going to let 1 day throw me off track, and so here I am, hacking away at the keyboard, asking for your understanding, but most importantly, hoping to encourage you.  When you drop the ball, pick it up, and run like hell.  It’s only failure if you give up.


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  1. Zach Church permalink

    Hopefully your flight is going more smoothly than mine ;). Grand Rapids to Cincinnati, cancelled flight, going to Dallas in 1/2 hour, and finally getting to Kansas City after 11pm. I was supposed to be there by 2pm! 😛

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