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#rubymidwest 2010


Keynote – “Open source sucks, and I’m to blame”

Open source sucks, blame Chris Wanstrath

ronn lets you create man pages using markdown.

On documentation: “Documentation, it’s great!”

On semantic versioning: “We have a lot of numbers, we’re not gonna run out of them!”

On existence: “Life is too short to release crappy software.”

Ruby Techniques by Example РJeremy Evans



Some really good pointers for writing better, more maintainable code.

JRubyCharles Nutter

“It’s the easy button for scaling Ruby and Rails”

Developing for Android, writing Ruby code: win.

Ridiculous concurrency across multiple cores with low memory overhead. Epic.

The midi examples that completely blew my mind.

Civic HackingLuigi Montanez

“Next time you have a gripe with government, ask yourself if you can write code to solve that problem”

Migrating Legacy Data – Patrick Crowley & Rob Kaufman

Trucker helps you move, but you still need to pack your stuff up.”

Holy amazing.

Don’t be scared of JDBC drivers for pulling data out of (Microsoft) data sources.

Object Oriented Unobtrusive CSS – John Hwang

Unobtrusive CSS is hard, because CSS lacks abstractions.

Enter SASS

On “backend developers”: “HTML/CSS IS YOUR PROBLEM!”

On your abilities: “You probably don’t know CSS as well as you think you do.”

Yehuda says: “Use @extend more”

Integration Testing Strategies: Locally And In The Cloud – Ryan Felton & Kyle Ginavan


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