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All good things…


Today marks 30 days since some daring friends and I set out to post once daily for a month straight.  I’ve fulfilled that commitment 28 of the 30, and I’m happy to say it’s taught me many things.

The importance of sticking to something, even when you’re too busy/tired/braindead/distracted – do it anyway, it doesn’t have to be your best work, it just has to be.

How to forgive yourself for making a mistake by picking yourself up by the bootstraps, dusting off your skinned knee, and boldly forging ahead.

I think the most important lesson though, and it’s one I wrote about before, is the importance of finding people who will support you, and helping each other grow.

Without a friend who needed support, I probably would not have started on this journey.  I’m glad I did, it’s been good.  Without the support of others, and the knowledge that they were following up to make sure I held up my end of the deal, I am almost certain I would have given up much sooner, or been more lax.

Most of all, without this experience, I would not have had the wonderful experience of forging or deepening friendships with the 4 amazing people who shared in this journey.

So, I encourage you, do something.  Try something.  Don’t give up.  Don’t go it alone, and enjoy the ride!

See you around.


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