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A Refreshing Lunch


This morning, the dogs and I took a few laps around the park near our local recycling drop-off.  It was fun, but a little warm outside.  When we got home it was lunchtime, and turning on the stove didn’t seem like the best idea.  What did seem like a good idea was breaking out the cucumber our friend had brought us from her garden, and some of the rye bread and smoked salmon I got from Kazmaier’s (a locally owned/operated grocery.)  There was also some gazpacho and hummus in the fridge from the same market.  Lunch was a go; here’s the whole ordeal, in pictures.

Rye Bread

The perfect loaf, it's just enough for our 2 person household.

Green, and delicious

A delicious cucumber from a friend's garden!

Watch your fingers...

Peeled, sliced, and shapey.

Sooo hungry!

Lightly toasted, not too skimpy on the cream cheese (unless you're counting calories.)

Hungry yet?

Smoked salmon on one half, cucumbers and a light sprinkling of salt & pepper on the other.

It. Was. Amazing!

A glass of sparkling water with lime, and it's delicious sandwich time!


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