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My Daily Paradise


My Daily Grind
Perrysburg, OH

Local, and coffee. Two of my favorite things. So, when I first discovered My Daily Grind while running errands in the neighborhood, my interest was piqued. Not a chain? Check. Local? As a matter of fact, yes. After a few visits, and a few cups of their delicious inky brew, the owner and I struck up a conversation. His name is Steve, and he’s been making coffee for over 25 years. We talked about coffee, naturally. I learned a good bit about the profile of the different beans, and that no matter how many varieties a roaster produces, usually there are a few among them that stand out as being the finest from that roaster.

Of course I was curious about where the beans come from. Turns out, he only works with local microroasters, most of who source their beans from small family farms. Indie coffee. Earth coffee. Happy coffee.

Another of my favorite things there are the homemade bagels. They’re fresh daily, and though Steve won’t divulge his source, he assures me that he has a standing order, and they will always be available there. While I haven’t tried the sandwiches yet, they all look delicious and are priced fairly, just below what a sandwich at one of the chain deli’s will cost you.

Most importantly, Steve is genuine. “Island simplicity” is not a slogan painted on some slick marketing kitsch, it’s a way of life there. It is a favorite place of mine to work, because there is no wifi. It is literally like an island, without the constant distraction of chat windows and bings and pings from emails and tweets, and the normal barrage of social cacauphony that assaults my senses and already limited attention most of the time.

I can disconnect, enjoy a conversation, have breakfast and a delicious cup, then pull up a chair and let the mellow ambience (including a tasteful selection of upbeat reggae, jazz, and world music) wash over me like a warm Carribean breeze. Of course, since my phone gets a clear 3G signal there, the occasional urgent call, email, or text makes it through my bubble of sub-continental bliss.

For this reason, and subtle others too numerous to list here, My Daily Grind in Perrysburg frequently makes the top of my to-do list. I hope you get a chance to check it out. If you do, I recommend the Columbian (it’s bright, with just the right amount of acidity,) and the everything bagel. And while you’re there, if you don’t mind, please say hello to Steve for me!


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