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In With The New


It’s been a crazy month of new. New year, birthday, new number for my age. New home in a new state. New musician friends, new guitar amp, new songs. New chessboard. New camera, new favorite pastime. I’m even interviewing for a new job, with a company opening a new office out here!

Meanwhile, I still have to deal with the old. Old stuff that didn’t sell before we moved, old stack of “I’ll sort these some day” paperwork. Old clients and projects that still need improvement or upkeep. Old relationships that need to be maintained.

The juxtaposition of the time and energy I want to put into the old versus the new is interesting to me. New is unexplored and exciting, old is predictable and a little taxing at times. But one requires the other. In fact, I had to sell or leave behind lots of old things in order to make room for or facilitate some of the new.

Like all things, I cannot simply take one and neglect the other. Neither can I give all of my time to the fun new stuff. Similarly, it would probably be a mistake to spend all of my effort on the old. Where does that leave me then?


So often I find that balance is the most important component in making decisions, or conversations, or ideas. Art, music, chess (elements that compose my frame of reference) all require balance. Life and work, health both mental and physical. Production and consumption, supply and demand, economies and ecosystems great and small would not be able to continue if they were not in balance.

Consider this the next time you are faced with a decision between doing the same old thing and doing something new. Be bold within reason. Be fearless in the knowledge that your life requires a balance of daily routine with a little bit of crazy peppered in for good measure. If you’re tired of the same old song and dance, it doesn’t take much to bring and exciting new counterpoint to the mundane.

Take a class at a local rec center or community college. Start a fitness program with a friend (trust me, you’ll be glad for the accountability.) Buy that book you’ve been eyeing for months, and then read it cover to cover as fast as you can! Have a garage sale or just sell a few things on eBay or Craigslist, and use that money to fund a new hobby, or a little getaway.

The point is there’s no reason to settle for a life that doesn’t bring you any joy or excitement. There are too many mountains to climb and too many wonderful things to see, so get out there and get going!

Long's Peak, taken on 2011-01-29 at Rocky Mountain National Park


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