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Start Small


Perhaps, like me, you come up with grand plans.

Plans to do great things to help the world, fantastic projects to give back to your favorite community of the moment, plans to make your mark, make a splash, or otherwise fulfill some high and lofty goal.

Problem for me is I get intimidated by the sheer volume and “where-do-I-start-ness” of such monumental endeavors. Or, some new shiny thing comes along and whisks away my attention, along with my motivation and dedication. Then, the project/task/plan I was so excited about falls by the wayside. It’s an ugly habit.

This is a tumbleweed...

Sadly, many of my exciting ideas end up much like this lonely tumbleweed...

Granted, some projects find themselves less prone to such unfortunate fates. Usually, they’re the ones that put food on the table and clothes on our backs. After all, nerd’s gotta make a living, know what I’m saying?

No, the ill-fated projects I’m talking about are the “update my website”, “blog more often”, “organize my music collection” sort. Luckily, I have a panacea for avoiding the constant discontentment and feverish discombobulation that results from chronic-project-switchitis – GIVE UP!

Now that we’re rid of the quitters, a real solution. Start small. Case in point, this blog post. It’s not the sweet tutorial I wanted to write, or the awesome summation of every amazing thing I’ve been reading lately. But it’s something. It’s one post more than I had yesterday, and hopefully an inspirational one.

It was inspired by the tabs currently open in my browser, one for free node.js hosting, another about important features your website should have if you’re a freelancer.  Instead of building a website and blogging about the step-by-step process of doing so, right this very instant, all at once, I’m taking a stand against that ridiculousness. At least, I’m taking a baby step toward a more sane (and achievable) approach. I’m even going to hit publish before adding any pictures to break the monotony, or tags to aid in the everlasting quest for total organization!

Also, I’m “Talking about writing about what I’m doing. Now I’m singing about talking about writing about what I’m doing.” (Parks & Recreation quote, ignore if irrelevant to your interests…)

Point is (yes, point, finally!) do something. It’s way better than nothing, and will certainly help you reach your goal, eventually. Even if it’s just brainstorming for 5 minutes, or sorting through a pile of mail, or writing some ridiculous self-help monologue that is little more than superfluous narcissistic pandering… it’s also easier said than done, so here’s a final kick in the seat from yours truly;

follow the advice of Dr. Leo Marvin. Baby steps to the elevator. Baby steps toward finishing this blog post…

Oh yeah, and Happy Saint Patrick’s Day to you Irish and honorary Irish alike!


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  1. So I totally didn’t realize you had a blog. This realization came just in time for me to read your current post. Very encouraging, as I’ve needed to be more motivated with my literary endeavors. I’ll take this as a sign and keep on keepin’ on.


    • seeflanigan permalink

      Most definitely! Like my hero and life long role model Buzz Lightyear used to say, “Never give up, never surrender!”

      Glad you were inspired, can’t wait to read the result!

  2. Thanks for the vote of confidence! You may have just inspired the next great American novel..

    • seeflanigan permalink

      Or at least the first sentence of it, hopefully.

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