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Did you know @hypem…


… exposes resources via a RESTful JSON api? Well, they do. RSS, too. Some of their playlists bear the following text:

“Information on this page is available in RSS and JSON formats for non-commercial, attributed use (CC).”

Viewing the page source reveals a hyperlink:

<a class="rss" title="Use computer software to read this page" href="/playlist/subscriptions/seeflanigan/json/1/data.js">

The “Latest” feed is exposed as “/playlist/subscriptions/[yourusername]/json/[pagenumber]/data.js”

Your “Loved” songs are available as “/playlist/loved/[yourusername]/json/[pagenumber]/data.js”

The “Popular” feed is at “/playlist/popular/3day/json/[pagenumber]/data.js”

Lastly, but certainly not least of all, there is a search api. Most excellent. “/playlist/search/[somesearchkey]/json/data.js”

If you dig around and come up with cool stuff or figure out more ways to interact with their api (or better yet, find their api documentation), please share it here?

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